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Techaedu is one of the best online learning platforms that provides online learning courses to learners all across the world. We started Techaedu because we wanted to help the students to learn as well as the world's best teachers to become entrepreneurs and independent lecturers. We believe that it is possible for teachers to offer great instruction to the students halfway around the world, while make good money doing so. Hence, if you are great at teaching something or are expert in a field, keep reading to see if our learning management system software platform is right for you or not.

With the ongoing pandemic, the world has realised one thing for sure that studies do not necessarily need four walls and a black board. It can be done with the same effectiveness online and that is why we are here, encouraging everyone to learn at their comfort through our online courses. Now take your institution or employee training completely online that too for a super affordable price. We are here to take care of all the technical problems that come in the way while you focus on delivering quality content and knowledge to the learners.

Customize the platform with your logo, name and details along with other things such as colour themes. With all this, you can match and create courses or training modules in a few easy steps and have a complete control over how you want to deliver your courses. With our fully integrated webinar specification, you can now host live one on one sessions anytime or let your learners learn at their own pace, whichever is your choice.

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