Complete PHP Online Training

A Complete PHP Online Training Course by Techaedu

PHP Training Content:

✔ For Beginner as well as advance level

✔A flexible schedule

✔ Live online interactions

✔ On-demand online videos

✔ Downloadable resources

✔ Practical Assignments

✔ Full lifetime access to the resources

✔Access on mobile devices

✔ Certificate of completion


✔ No specific requirements needed, should be keen to learn PHP

PHP Course Description:

PHP is a very popular programming language and is a must know for aspiring web developers. Our Complete PHP Online Training course will get you started with PHP fundamentals and building blocks. Through the course, you learn PHP functions, conditionals, arrays, expressions, constants, loops, etc. You’ll get to learn how to write better PHP code within less time and lesser bugs; and more than that understand how the code that you write works. Also, learn to develop test-driven PHP code, and to improve the documentation for your code. With our educators, you’ll get complete step-by-step lessons so that while you begin with being an absolute beginner, by the end you’ll be transformed into being a confident PHP Coder/Web Developer. With tutors who are dedicated to bringing about such transformations, you can clear all your doubts, and your questions will be responded to quickly and regularly. You’ll also be learning the practical implementations of all that you have learnt through Assignments and projects. This way you’ll have a real-time project in your hand which will become an important part of your portfolio, it’ll become your live CV. You’ll also be assigned a Certificate of completion and you will be equipped with complete knowledge of PHP – knowing all the latest tools and techniques required in PHP Coding.

What you’ll learn?
This Best PHP Course covers complete PHP training. At the end of the course, you’ll be carrying knowledge of the follows –

✔ Beginners perspective to PHP starting from its Origin, History, and various Versions

✔ What is PHP, what is its power, what is its Basic Program, what are its Configurations and installation, what are the PHP tags, Comments, ini setting, Data types, Output functions of PHP

✔ Learn PHP Library installation and folder structure

✔ Learn PHP Constants structure including the Magic Constants and User defined Constants

✔ Lean PHP Conditionals including if, ... else, .... elseif.... else, switch statements, etc; loops in PHP such as for while, ...while, for, foreach, continue, break, etc; and ternary, comparison, and logical operators, etc.

✔ Learn to create PHP functions, string functions, and Built-in functions; passing arguments by value as well as reference; and include and require statements

✔ Learn about PHP Arrays – simple indexed, associative, sorting, and multidimensional array; and arrays with keys.

✔ Learn creating regular expressions in PHP such as validating of date, phone number, zip code, email, password, textboxes, etc.; and also creating custom regular expressions.

✔ Learn PHP for working with the files and operating system; so that you are equipped with PHP for Opening, reading, writing, calculating, and closing a file, etc.

✔ Learning creating and destroying sessions, encoding and decoding session data, retrieving and settling the Session ID, etc

✔ Learn complete Content Management System with the Admin-Panel

✔ Learn building Employee Management System and Professional CRUD i.e., Create_action, Read_action, Update_action, and Delete_action application in PHP

✔ Learn PHP Errors and Exceptions handling

✔ Learn OOP i.e., Object-Oriented Programming in PHP

✔ Learn Html Form handling in PHP

✔ Learn PHP with MySQL connections

✔ Learn PHP with XML and understand Parsing and Generating of an XML page

✔ Learn PHP with json and understand JSON functions, Generating JSON Page, and Encoding and Decoding JSON in PHP.

Why Techaedu’s PHP Online Training?
With several Online PHP Courses available, what is it that makes Techaedu special? We are experts in the Industry and have provided Web Development and related services to various clients all across the globe. We have worked for many sectors such as finance, retail, health, etc. With all our experience, and expertise and the necessary know-how of the Web Development industry; we have developed the curriculum of this course. Thus, we have made sure to include all the PHP skills which you will need to acquire to become a successful PHP Developer. The Educators of our Online PHP Courses are not only well-trained to conduct the courses; but also have ample knowledge, skills, and experience of the field. You can expect to learn not only the language, but also the current trends around it so that you can have a better stand in the market. You’ll get to learn from experienced market experts from around the country. Considering your convenience, and removing the problem of commuting from the equation, you can Learn PHP Online with us. You can thus learn at your pace and convenience because our courses are designed to provide you with all the flexibility you need. And yes, all of our courses are affordable too. Thus, simply with active internet connection and a laptop or computer, you can complete your courses from the comfort of your home. All our courses include interactive sessions and all the videos and documents are made available for download and you are given a lifetime access to them so that you can re-learn and review. At the end of our courses, you have with you complete knowledge of the subject, experience of practical application of the knowledge, insights into all the tricks and tips given by experts, knowledge about the required tools and techniques and how to use them. Not only that, we expose you to various industry experts and their insights, and you get access to the networking that we can provide you with. Thus, with Techaedu, you can establish yourselves as a PHP Web Developer.