SEO 2021: Complete SEO Training

SEO 2021: A Complete SEO Training Course by Techaedu

Content Of The SEO Online Course:

✔ Certificate of completion

✔ On-demand online videos

✔ Downloadable resources

✔ Practical Assignments

✔ Full lifetime access to the resources

✔ Access on mobile devices


✔ No specific requirements needed, should only have a basic understanding of the need and purpose of SEO

✔ Need basic computer skills, and would may be require a website onto practical application can be done


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website for the Search Engine. Our Online SEO Courses includes curriculum which is expertly crafted by experienced professionals which includes online dispersion of knowledge regarding the working of Google’s search algorithm; and various measures which can be undertaken to rank Webpages on the Search Engine Result pages of search engines including, Google and google properties (including YouTube, Google Maps, etc), Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, etc. This is one of our Best SEO Courses and is especially designed for SEO beginners or even experts, website owners, business owners, bloggers, and webmasters. And the know-how applies to any and all types of websites such as WordPress Websites, Ecommerce websites, Custom websites, etc. It is designed to be result-oriented and practical. The curriculum begins right from identifying the SEO niche to which your website will belong to and will include a complete Step wise SEO Plan which you’ll learn to apply on the website. Thus, you learn with practical application how to find a niche, research low competition and long-tail keywords, find and follow your competitors, do On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO, etc. Through this course, you can Learn SEO Online and train in ranking your website or your client’s website higher on the SERP. You understand how to implement Technical and Local SEO techniques, understand the negative SEO and prevent Google Penalty as well as being negatively affected by the Google Algorithm. You learn how you can improve your brand awareness as well as DA, build powerful backlinks, speed up your website, set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console etc.

What you’ll learn?

✔ How to Rank highest in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

✔ How to Rank high in Google’s SERP for WordPress websites

✔ Understand Google’s policy with regarding to E.A.T. i.e., Expertise, Authority, & Trustworthiness

✔ How to build a positive and authoritative impression of your website for all the Search Engines

✔ Techniques for link building- to improve your domain rating and authority; and also, how to find high DA websites to create backlinks with

✔ The Logical and practical steps you need to undertake so as to rank an existing/ or a new website within the First results page of Google and other Search Engines

✔ How to do keyword research so as to find low competitive and low difficulty keywords; as well as appropriate informative long-tail keywords to get highly targeted traffic to your website

✔ To optimize your website to increase the organic traffic coming from Search Engines including Google

✔ To improve your website visitor’s engagement time with your website, to reduce your website’s visitor bounce rate, and improve your website’s conversion rate

✔ Learn how to reduce your website loading time and achieve the loading speed of 1 second or even less

✔ Learn Technical SEO factors such as improving the readability, quality, site speed, architecture, responsiveness, etc. of website along with boosting the user experience too

✔ Learn the On-Page SEO factors such as keyword research and optimization, quality content, etc. Thus, you learn strategies for all the visible components on a website; along with what to avoid and which factors to keep a check on

✔ Learn the Off-Page SEO factors such as building quality backlinks, and website reputation, and even promoting your website. Thus, you learn strategies for developing the reputation and authority of your website.

✔ Learn to optimize a brick-and-mortar store for Local SEO by claiming your business on GMB or Google my business, and Google Maps to drive in increasing local traffic to the website as well as business location

✔ Understand how to carry out SEO Audit and make SEO Audit Reports for the future client companies.

Why Techaedu’s Complete SEO Training?
Techaedu is backed up by years of experience in SEO. We are industry experts who have provided SEO and related services to a large number of clients belong to various industries including, retail, health, finance, fashion, etc. We are hence, all equipped with the practical knowledge, technical know-how, updated with the latest trends tools and techniques, and have a large network. Based on this practical knowledge we have designed the curriculum of our training course. Our educators are experts in the SEO industry with ample skill and knowledge. We also let you learn from well experienced marketers from all across the country. We provide Online SEO Courses so that distance is a mere number and you can acquire complete SEO training from any corner of the world simply with a laptop and active internet connection. Throughout our courses you’ll get to explore all the SEO relevant topics ranging from Ranking and Visibility, Crawling and Website Audits, Keywords and Keyword Research, Links and Link Building, Mobile and Technical SEO, International and Local SEO, On-Site and Off-Site SEO, SEO Analytics and Reporting, Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing. We guarantee to deliver a complete course which will enable you to learn SEO, learn about the various tools and techniques required to apply it, learn how you can establish yourself as a SEO expert, and how you can earn for your business or your clients a Website which is Optimized to the maximum and ranks high on the Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Search Engines. Expect your sessions to be interactive requiring inputs and efforts from your side. We also provide practical assignments so that by the end of the course you’ll have applied practical that you have learned during the course. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol now!