Our Facilities

Why Choose Our Academy

Quizzes and Tests

Our platform makes learning a little more fun and engaging. This is why we have introduced several quizzes and tests that you can take in every module of your course or at the end of your course. This helps the students to evaluate what they have learnt from the courses and how much more do they need to focus to learn.

Online E-Books

There are many E-books that we provide, some are free and some are included in the paid courses. Apart from the video lectures that you learn from, these ebooks are available to you with a view that it will add on some knowledge to those who want to dive deep into the topic.

Expert Guidance

There are experts in our team who are available 24*7 in order to help you with our learning management system software. So in case you get stuck somewhere, you can feel free to approach them.

Certified Teachers

With over thousands of courses which are taught by the real world experts at Techaedu, you can be sure that you are learning from the best. Our teachers are all experienced and certified and they have good knowledge in the field that they are providing courses.

Adaptive Learning

We believe in adaptive learning and so, you can learn at your own pace sitting in your home or playground with the help of smartphone, computer or tablet. Also, the content is available in various forms such as audio recordings, video lectures, articles and PDFs, etc.

Trending Courses

Every month, there are hundreds of online courses from our platform that are trending in the education sector. If you are a learner looking to add on some skills, you can choose from those trending courses from us and start learning today from the comfort of your home.

Real Time Doubt Resolution

Our instructors go live quite often on our platform so in case you have any doubts with the courses you have enrolled in, you can solve your doubt online straight from the instructors.