How To Become A SharePoint Developer

How To Become A SharePoint Developer

Becoming a SharePoint developer requires a structured approach and dedication to learning the necessary skills. SharePoint is a widely used platform for collaboration and document management, and SharePoint developers play a crucial role in customizing and building solutions on top of it. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to become a SharePoint developer in detail:

Understanding SharePoint Basics: Start by gaining a solid understanding of what SharePoint is and its core functionalities. Familiarize yourself with SharePoint's different versions, including SharePoint Online (part of Microsoft 365) and SharePoint Server (on-premises).

Web Development Fundamentals: SharePoint development often involves web technologies. Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, as these are essential for customizing SharePoint sites and building web parts.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx): The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a modern development model for building custom solutions in SharePoint Online. Invest time in learning SPFx, as it is becoming the preferred way to develop web parts and extensions for SharePoint.

SharePoint REST API and JavaScript Object Model (JSOM): Understand SharePoint APIs, such as the REST API and JSOM. These APIs allow you to interact with SharePoint data and perform CRUD operations from client-side code.

SharePoint Designer: SharePoint Designer is a powerful tool for customizing SharePoint sites without writing code. Learn how to use SharePoint Designer to create workflows, customize forms, and design pages.

SharePoint Add-in Development: Explore SharePoint Add-in (formerly known as SharePoint Apps) development using different approaches, such as provider-hosted and SharePoint-hosted add-ins. Add-ins extend the functionality of SharePoint and allow you to create custom solutions.

SharePoint PowerShell: SharePoint PowerShell is valuable for administration and development tasks. Acquire basic PowerShell skills to automate SharePoint operations, manage configurations, and perform bulk actions.

SharePoint Security: Understand SharePoint security concepts, including permissions, authentication, and authorization. Knowing how to manage security settings is crucial for building secure SharePoint solutions.

Join SharePoint Developer Communities: Participate in SharePoint developer forums, online communities, and user groups. Engage with experienced developers, share knowledge, and seek advice on solving real-world challenges.

Work on Real SharePoint Projects: Hands-on experience is crucial for becoming a proficient SharePoint developer. Start working on real SharePoint projects, whether personal projects or open-source contributions, to apply your knowledge and gain practical skills.

SharePoint Certifications (Optional): Consider pursuing SharePoint certifications offered by Microsoft. Certifications like the Microsoft 365 Certified Developer Associate and the Microsoft Certified: SharePoint Developer can enhance your credibility and demonstrate your expertise.

Stay Updated with SharePoint Updates: SharePoint is continuously evolving with new features and updates. Stay updated with Microsoft's official documentation, blogs, and announcements to keep up with the latest developments in SharePoint development.

Networking and Building a Portfolio: Connect with other professionals in the industry, attend SharePoint events, and build your professional network. Develop a portfolio showcasing your projects and skills to demonstrate your capabilities to potential employers or clients.

Remember, becoming a proficient SharePoint developer requires continuous learning and practice. The more you work on real projects and engage with the SharePoint community, the better you will become at building innovative solutions on this powerful platform.